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The birkin kelly club is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, this is a retired artisan by a number of French Hermes as well as Hong Kong craftsmen composed of a super team, 100% Hermes original craftsmanship as well as the latest version of the data for each year, we use the production of Germany France Italy original imperial cowhide sheepskin and crocodile skin, specializing in the focus on Birkin Kelly! Constance Minikelly KellyPochette Lindy Minilindy; there is no cheap stall goods, our target customer group is Hermes genuine users, they are due to a variety of huge amount of allocation and unreasonable sales policy leads to not get the beloved bag, and turn to us to order customized with the same model and the same color bag, and the price is only one-tenth of the price of the genuine Hermes. Only one tenth of the genuine or lower, but can get a nearly original 99.99% of the work; you must believe that we are professionally engaged in the counter-identification, Hermes all the identification points we are familiar with the heart, which is our professionalism we must be more professional than the dry appraisal; our work sells well all over the world, the United States, Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, we have quality partners, welcome to all over the world! Hermès Replica Handbags Dealers in Guangzhou to discuss cooperation with us; we have a mature dedicated logistics system, all using air transportation to the world!