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1. What if the customs seizes my order?

If customs needs additional information, we will try to coordinate it with you. Unfortunately, we cannot re-ship the item and it will be considered lost. Please choose another shipping method with insurance when ordering.

2. What shipping methods do you use?

As a rule, we deliver via DHL and EMS, depending on the country of delivery. For jewelry, we can only use EMS unless it comes with other bulky items such as bags. Please note that the tracking number will be active within 3-5 days after the buyer approves the PSP. Always include your e-mail to receive order status updates.

3. How soon can I get my PSP?

Time differs for different bag. If the bags are in stock at the office, we will take a PSP on the same day or 1 day after the payment. Please, check if the item is in stock. In case if you want to make a pre-order, it will take longer to receive the PSP. Thank you for your patience.

4. Can I return/exchange my order?

If the PSP shows signs of damage or malfunction, we will demand an exchange from the manufacturer. However, please, be aware that we will not be able to process returns easily after shipping. If you receive the wrong order, please, do not remove it from the package and contact us as soon as possible.

5. How do I know that you are not just getting my money?

You can trust our reliability. If we are unable to purchase an item for you, we will notify you and promptly refund your money.